How To Put Your WordPress Site In Maintenance Mode

Hi Guys, today we are going to look at how to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode. Let’s say you have a website and you are making some changes to it. Now they can show a maintenance page to their visitors until they finish making changes to their website. You can do this very easily by reading this article.

After reading this article, you can add a maintenance page to your website and notify you with a countdown timer when your website is available again. So let’s get started. First, let’s take a look at the website I created with WordPress. Now here it is: To put your site in maintenance mode, we’re going to take two steps.

Step 1:

The first step is to install the maintenance plugin on WordPress.So to install the plugin, let’s go to our WordPress dashboard. Now go to Plugins and click on Add New. Here look for a plugin called “CMP“. and you get this plugin. This is now the plugin that will help us add a maintenance page to our website. To install this plugin, we click on Install and then on “Activate”. So we have successfully installed and activated the maintenance plugin on the Website.

Step 2:

After installing the plugin, we can move on to the second step. Which is to create a maintenance page for your site. To create it, let’s go to the CMP settings. Now let’s create the maintenance page. First, we need to enable this option. So let’s click on “Activate”. Once you activate it, you will be given these options.

Now if you want to put your entire site in maintenance mode, you can select that option, or if you want to create a maintenance page you can only choose this for the homepage option then choose maintenance mode. Now if you scroll down you will find various themes to use for your maintenance page. Here you can choose the theme you want, I’ll choose a theme.

See what does it look like?

Now see how it works. look, let’s click preview. And this is what a maintenance page looks like. After choosing the topic, let’s go back to our dashboard. and click “Activate”. We have now successfully created the maintenance page for our website and it is shown to our visitors when they try to view our website. It’s OK. To check this, let’s open a new tab and go to our website.

Here you can now see that the maintenance page is not displayed. As we are logged in to our website, the maintenance page is not visible to the administrator. It is seen by visitors who are not logged into our website. Now let’s say a visitor visits our site and sees that we now have the maintenance page instead of our site’s home page. Here’s how you can put your WordPress site in maintenance mode.

Customizing the Maintenance Page-

Next, let’s see how you can customize this maintenance page. So let’s go back to our plugin settings, click on the content and you will get to this page. Here we can edit and adapt our maintenance page. Firstly, we’re going to add a website logo there. To add the logo to a maintenance page. We need to choose the logotype as our logo is an image. Please select a graphic logo and then click here and then drag and drop the logo here. Now our website logo has been added to a maintenance page.

How to change the header?

Next, let’s see how you can change this header. To change the header, just scroll down. Now here, just delete this text and write your own text. If you want to add more information to your maintenance page now, just enter it here and it will be added to the maintenance page. Next, let’s see how you can change the wallpaper on your maintenance page. Then change the background image, select “Custom Images”. and click on “Media Library”. Now to change the background image, simply drag the image you want from your computer and drop it here. Now our background is changed correctly.

How To Edit The Countdown Timer?

Let’s see how you can edit this countdown timer. To do this, scroll down and here you can see the date and time you gave the timer. To edit this countdown timer, just click here and choose how long you want to show the maintenance page to your audience. Now we’ve edited the countdown timer. When you have made all your changes, click Save Changes. So now we have successfully adapted all parts of our maintenance page. If we now return to our visitor’s browser and click on “Refresh”. You can see that the changes we did were successfully applied to the maintenance page.

Email The Visitor When Your Website Is Ready-

When you see here, your visitors can send their email IDs with it We can notify them when our site is back. Now let’s say a visitor is sending their email ID from a maintenance page. To notify that visitor when our site is back, we need to email them. Where can we find your email ID now? So to find the visitors’ email IDs, let’s go to our WordPress dashboard and click on “CMP Subscribers”. Here you can see the email IDs of your visitors. Now we can send an email and notify you when our website is back up.

How to turn off maintenance mode?

Next, let’s see how to turn off maintenance mode and restore your site. To disable maintenance mode, simply go here and click “Disable”. Maintenance mode will now be deactivated and our website will return. To try it out, let’s go to our maintenance page and click Update. Here you can see that we have restored our site and that the maintenance mode has been successfully disabled. If you want to turn maintenance mode back on in the future, just go to your dashboard. And click “Enabled”. Now the maintenance page will be activated on your website and you can customize it as before.

How to put a specific page in maintenance?

Now, instead of putting the entire website in maintenance mode, how can you put a specific page in maintenance mode? Page in maintenance? Next, let’s see how you can put a particular page in maintenance mode without affecting other pages on your website. Suppose you make changes to your contact page and want to show your visitors a maintenance page. To put your contact page in maintenance mode, let’s go to our control panel and go to Advanced AND click on “White List of Pages”.

So here you can set the maintenance mode for a specific page. If you click here now, you can see all of the pages that you have on your website. Now just select the page that you want to put into maintenance mode. So select ‘Contact Page’. If you can’t find the page name, you can copy and paste the page URL here. And then click “Save Changes”. We have now successfully put our contact page into maintenance mode. If we now go to our website and click on Contact, you will see that we now have the maintenance page instead of a contact page.

This is how you can put a specific page into maintenance mode. at WordPress. Good. So these are the guys, this is how you can put a WordPress site on maintenance mode.

Thanks very much!

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