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Hello Everyone ! Today I’m going to share with you on how to become a freelance virtual assistant even without experience. Plus, I will also inform the skills that you need to learn and how you can get clients. If you are interested in our topic for today, make sure to read the full article  . What are you waiting for? If you’re ready, then it’s time for us to start right NOW! . Alright. Let’s start now.

What is a virtual assistant?

As for me, a virtual assistant acts as an online secretary, because you will do almost all of your client’s tasks so they can focus on more important things for the business’ growth. And because you’re an independent contractor, you will be working with the client and you are not an employee of your clients. As a freelance VA, you will be working as an independent contractor and what is that all about?

This means that your client doesn’t have to tell you that you have to be online 9 to 5 hours of work per day. You create your own time and schedule, you create your systems for working, including invoicing, payments, and many more. I’ve been a freelance VA for almost 2 years before I decided to specialize in my skills.So when I started as General VA, I handled almost everything. As a freelance virtual assistant, you have to make sure that you meet with your client’s deadlines.

You have the freedom to work whenever, wherever you want to be provided that you meet your client’s deadlines. It’s hard if you work anytime and everywhere if you don’t focus on your pending tasks. So, now you know what a freelance virtual assistant is, can you please write down in the comments section, if you have tried to become a virtual assistant, and what are your experiences? Next, we will talk about the services offered by a virtual assistant.

We have a General virtual assistant, and a Specialized virtual assistant or VA. Here are some of the tasks of a General virtual assistant: Everything I have mentioned, are some of the tasks of a General virtual assistant. But you don’t have to learn everything at first, If you are a newbie or a beginner in working from home. Since you know what a freelance virtual assistant is, Can you share if you have tried to become one? You may share it in the comments section below.

For those tasks that I’ve specified, the business owners or clients can already handle it on their own. However, they need to focus on more important things to make the business grow. They need to attend seminars, training, or appointments instead of sitting down and answer every call which is time-consuming for them. And while their business is growing, the more they’ll need to hire a general VA so that they will handle tasks like this and this is where a general VA comes in.

Eventually, if you are familiar with general VA tasks, you would want to learn high-end skills in this case, your rates are higher, along with the client’s work demands.With all the specialized skills I have quoted, kindly share something that interests you to pursue in the future . To all beginners in working from home, if you can’t think of something yet, that’s fine.

No pressure , Everything takes time. Especially for newbies, it all starts from the beginning , I worked at a call center as Technical support, and when I switched to working from home, I have no other skills what I only have is my practice in English speaking, then almost everything is self-learned. Don’t be discouraged because everything is gained through education. Practice. Train yourself.

You need to spend time and effort, as well as discipline so you can achieve what you wanted to be, especially if you want to become a General VA or specialized virtual assistant. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself. To all beginners, I want to share this tip, you can start by thinking first on what your ideal client is. Do you want to help vloggers? Online business owners? Photographers? Real estate or broker? Artists? Clients are not only those business owners, you can also assist other people with your services.

You don’t need to focus on online business owners are the only clients we can help. For example, photographers can also be your client, coaches, artists, bloggers, authors, and a lot more. Then, you will base it on services that you can offer to them. For example, if there are brokers, Usually, they set appointments or making calls from their homes. Customer inquiries Bloggers, on the other hand, edit videos or create their content… So, what are the services that you can provide to help them? You can select 2-3 skills that you can study.

You can watch video tutorials, like what we have on our channel, or you can explore Google or the internet so you can learn about the skills that you are interested in on the services that a general VA can provide. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You can start by learning or practicing 2-3 skills then, eventually, you can add up on your expertise. If you have an idea on what your ideal client is, try to conceptualize where they spend most of their time. For vloggers, of course, they are always on YouTube you can send them a personal message and try to offer your services. You can search for photographers on Pinterest or other websites where they post graphic designs.

For business owners, you can find them mostly on LinkedIn, Facebook groups… Let’s not rely on online job sites all the time, like Upwork, most of you are saddened because of getting refused from Upwork, also with when you still don’t get any clients Then, that’s the time that you explore places or resources where you can find ideal clients. Like with Fiverr, it is where I’ve found my ideal clients for my email automation services. It depends on your ideal clients, but normally with general VA, almost all tasks are included. Since you’re a newbie, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with the skills that you need to learn.

You should try to assess it based on your ideal client, so you’ll know the skills that you need to study. Also, there is no shortage of clients because there are more clients or online business owners who are engaging in their businesses through online platforms. And while most online corporations are expanding nowadays, they need to hire more General VAs or Specialized virtual assistants.

And with that being said, because as time goes by, they will need us to work for them. It depends on your ideal clients. Reach out where they spend most of their time on. You will get to a point where you’re selling something, in this case, your skills.It’s like you’re gonna be reaching out to them until you get to the point that, “Oh, this is someone I need to help me with my business.” Alright. Now we know what a freelance virtual assistant is. What are the services that we can offer? Where to find clients? Plus the tips I’ve shared that only you know.

I hope you got something new from this article . Have a great day !

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