How To Add Razorpay Payment Gateway on E-commerce site

Hi Guys, today we are going to see how to add Razorpay payment gateway to your e-Commerce website. For example, suppose you have an e-commerce website and you want to add a Razorpay payment gateway to your website, it’s easy to do.

Hence, after reading this article, you can add Razorpay this way, and when a customer wants to buy a product from your website, they can make payment through Razorpay using one of these payment options.

And you get that payment in your bank account so all you need to follow this tutorial is an e-commerce website and let’s add Razorpay to our website.

In order to now add the Razorpay payment method, we are going to follow 5 steps.


The first step is to create an account with “Razorpay”. To create an account, simply click this link and you will be taken to a page. Now click on ‘Sign In’ and here you will need to enter your email address to create your account OR you can also use your Google account to create a Razorpay account.

I’ll be using my Google account so let’s click here. Now select your account. Now you have to choose whether your company is registered or not. So if your company is registered you can choose the type here. But if you haven’t registered your trade this is your choice, I will choose.

After selecting your business type, enter your name and contact number here, then click “Next” and you will be taken to your Razorpay dashboard. Now we have successfully created an account with Razorpay.

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Step 2:

After you have created your account. Now we can move on to step 2, that is, to activate your account. To start accepting payments from your customers, you must first activate your Razorpay account, just click on.” “Activate” and you will receive this KYC form.

To complete your account activation you now need to fill in these details and submit this form, so let’s fill in these details, as you can see now we have already selected our business type.

Click now here and select the category of your company, I will select my category and then enter a description of your company here. Then click here and select your average order value. I will choose the value of my order. Now you have to choose how you want to accept payments from your customers.

Website, you can choose this one. Or if you want to accept payments on your website. You can choose these. I will keep this selection. And then you need to enter your website URL here. To get the URL, let’s go to our website, copy that URL, and then come back and paste it here. When you’re done, click “Save and Next “.

Step 3:

Here you now have to enter your business data, i.e. first your subject number here and then the name that you received on your specialist card. Now enter your company name, I’ll enter my website name. And then enter your address here when you have provided all of these details.

Click on “Save and Next”. Here you have to enter your bank details where you would like to receive your payments. So let’s enter our data. When a customer makes a payment on your website, they will receive that payment in that bank account. Once you have entered the details, simply click “Save and Continue”.

Step 4:

And finally, you need to upload the address of the test documents here, so just click here and choose which document you want to upload. I’m going to select ‘Aadhaar’ now to upload your document, click here and then drag and drop your file here as you can see the file has been uploaded.

Now you can upload the other [deleted] files the same way you did. To submit the form, simply click on “submit form”. Now click on the checkbox here. Then click on ‘Submit form’ again.

Now we have successfully submitted the KYC form. As soon you submitted the form. It will be reviewed within 8 to 10 business days. So when we return to our account hereafter ten days, you will see that our razor payment account has been activated.

So you can now accept payments from your customers and the amount will be transferred directly to your bank account. Once you have activated your account.

Step 5:

Now we can go to the last step, which is to connect this account to your website. In order for your customers to pay on your website now, you need to connect your Razorpaya account to your website.

To connect the Razorpay account we first need to install a plugin in WordPress To install the plugin so let’s go to our WordPress dashboard, now go to ‘Plugins’ and then click on ‘Add new’, nowhere, look for a plugin called “Razorpay, and you will get this plugin.

This is now the plugin that will help us connect the Razorpay account to our website. To install the plugin, we click” Install “and then click “Activate”.

Now we have successfully installed the plugin. Once you have installed the plugin and want to connect Razorpay to your website, go to “Woocommerce” and click on “Settings” then “Payments”. And it will bring you to this page to now connect the Razorpaya account to your website.

You have to enter these details. To get these details, we go to our Razorpay account, click on “Settings”, then on “API Key” and K click on “Generate Live Key”. As you can see, we have the details you want. Now you need to copy and paste these details into your website. So let’s copy this one and paste it here first. Next, let’s copy this and paste it here.

When you have entered these details, scroll down and click “Save Changes”. Once you click Save Changes, your Razorpay account will be linked to your website so your customers can now use Razor Pay to make payments on your website.

How does it work?

To check how it works, let’s go to our website. Now let’s say a customer wants to buy this product and add it to the shopping cart. If you click on “Proceed to checkout” you can see that we have now received our payment from Razorpay. Here, to proceed to the checkout, all you have to do is enter this information and click on “Place order”. And as you can see, we have different payment options. Say you want to pay with a card, just click on it and enter your card details here, then click “Pay”.

How do you know you received this payment?

Now that the order is placed, how do you know that you have received this payment? To check this we go to your inbox and as you can see we have received two emails, the first one is from the WordPress website and the second one from Razorpay.

So when we open the first WordPress email, you can see all the details about the order. Now if you go back and open the second email you can see that we have the payment details.

Now just click here and you will be taken to your Razorpay account and here you can see your customer’s details and then that amount will be transferred to your bank account within three days.

If we now open our inbox after three days, you will see that we have an email from Razorpay. When we open the email you can see that the payment has been transferred to our bank account so you can tell you have received the payment.

So that’s it, guys. This is how they can add Razorpay to their eCommerce website.

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