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Sitting on the beautiful Rio Grande River in the Western Corner of El Paso Texas. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. With the population doubling in the last few decades, economic opportunities in our region continue to expand.

Unfortunately, that expansion also increases the risk of accidents. Residents, visitors, and employees should be careful on the roadways.

Flores, Tawney & Acosta P.C. At, our personal injury lawyers at El Paso, TX are proud to be supporting this area. We have an office on North Mesa Street, east of Rio Grande Avenue, just four blocks from downtown El Paso. Our attorneys strive to provide the best-quality legal representation for clients across the region.

Texas work injury cases

Office injuries are another legal area where you do not have to prove wrong on behalf of your employer. If you are an injured cover employee in the workplace while doing job-related work, you may have a claim under Texas labor compensation laws.

Neglect is not a problem when your employers have workers’ compensation insurance, but it is not required in Texas. Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance has many amazing benefits for injured employees as long as their employer signs up. The injury must have occurred on the job in order to apply for workers ’compensation.

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However, most employers in Texas do not have workers’ compensation insurance. In these cases, you have the right to sue directly for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. In these cases, it is your safest bet to consult experienced personal injury lawyers.

Keep in mind that your employer may have “fake” compensation insurance. In these cases, the plan to protect the employer from a lawsuit must provide benefits equivalent to workers’ compensation.

El Paso Auto Accidents

Car accidents continue to be dangerous for residents and visitors around the El Paso area. Reckless drivers are all around in West Texas. They can cause accidents by speeding, texting while driving, DUIs, disobeying traffic signals, and other dangerous actions.

Our lawyers have experience going against big insurance companies. Our El Paso, Texas Car Accident Lawyers focus on getting the compensation you need as a victim.

Statistics on El Paso car crashes

El Paso has three of the most dangerous intersections in Texas. They are all on the Joe Bottle Boulevard. Another notable number is that there is 1 reportable crash every 57 seconds in Texas.

Semi-truck accidents

Best Injury Lawyers in El Paso

Due to their size and weight, semi-trucks can cause major injuries to victims in accidents. These arguments are further complicated by the fact that there may be multiple parties. Among them are drivers, trucking companies, and insurers.

Types of Injuries from Truck Accidents in El Paso

Types of injuries suffered by the driver or passenger in a passenger car:

  • Injuries to the head and face.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Internal injuries.
  • Crushing and amputation injuries.
  • Also mental injuries such as bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, burns, and the development of depression or post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident.

Clearly, these injuries can cause disability and impairment and a person suffering from such injuries may experience high medical costs, lost wages and loss of earning capacity, lifelong losses including pain and suffering, and trauma. , And the loss of quality of life.

Truck accident complicates claims

These arguments are further complicated by the fact that there may be multiple parties. These include drivers, trucking companies, and insurance companies, as well as vehicle and vehicle parts manufacturers and freight forwarders and loaders.

To determine liability for the crash and to ensure that a claim for damages has been filed against the appropriate party, a comprehensive investigation must be conducted.

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Our Texas Truck Accident Lawyers are skilled researchers who know the importance of sending testimonials, requesting copies of police reports, talking to eyewitnesses, collecting physical evidence from the scene of an accident, taking photographs of injuries and injuries, and hiring various experts.

Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Vehicle Design Specialists, Truck Accident Specialists, ‘Black Box’ or Event Data Recorder Specialists, and more.

We begin the investigation process as soon as it crashes to improve the chances of all relevant evidence being preserved. We have the resources to dedicate our time and the most talented members of our staff to your claim, as well as hire professionals.

El Paso truck collision by number

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, more fatal truck accidents occur in Texas each year than in any other state. In 2016, 484 people lost their lives in accidents in the semis.

There is no doubt that these accidents are not only prevalent but also often serious. If you have lost a loved one in a truck accident or lost your loved one in a major truck collision, you will be entitled to compensation for all your financial and non-financial losses. Our injury lawyers will aggressively argue for you to help you recover the loss you deserve.

Texas Wrongful Death

Family members have rights when they lose a loved one in an accident caused by negligence. Even if the victim is not brought back, recovering compensation in the event of a false death will reduce the financial hardship of the survivors.

Fatal car accidents top the list

In El Paso, 102 people were involved in fatal car accidents in 2014. Most of them we were able to prevent by taking reasonable precautions.

Product liability cases

Although hazardous products cause personal injury, these claims are not based on negligence. If you experience injuries due to a defective product, strict liability will guide your claim. You do not have to prove wrong, but there are some facts that you must submit regarding your injuries and losses.

There are three basic theories for product liability claims:

  1. Defective design, product dangerous due to defect in its development. All goods produced according to design specifications are at risk of injury to consumers;
  2. Production defects, in which a defect in production affects specific goods. Only those one set products are dangerous; And,
  3. Failure to warn or properly label an item is an error that makes the product dangerous because the consumer is unaware of the hidden dangers.

Compensation that you can recover in a Texas personal injury lawsuit

After setting up the necessary items in case of personal injury, you can recover your losses. “Losses” is a legal term under Texas law that refers to compensating you for the physical, emotional, and financial damage caused by the risk of injury. There are two types of losses:

  1. Financial losses, countable, pocket losses that you experience. Examples of medical bills you pay for the treatment of your wounds, including emergency care, surgery, specialist visits, pain medications, and related expenses. Lost wages are also in this category and can be recovered if you are unable to work due to your injuries.
  2. Non-financial losses, which are more subjective and difficult to diagnose. Even if you can’t keep the dollar value on your pain and suffering, you will definitely bear these effects. Other examples of non-financial losses are:
  • Emotional distress;
  • Scars and deformities;
  • Risks based on your relationships with your spouse, children, other family members, and friends;
  • Disability
  • The joy of life diminishes because you can no longer enjoy favorite activities; And,
  • Many will depend on the specifics of your suit.

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Potential limitations on your personal injury claim

There may be some restrictions on your rights in the Texas personal injury case. Our injury lawyers at Flores, Taverny & Acosta P.C. explain how each of these applies to your lawsuit.

Boundary statue

Texas has set a time limit for filing lawsuits in certain cases, a law known as the Restriction Act. After the expiration date, you will forever be barred from suing the party responsible. In most personal injury lawyers cases, the statute of limitations is two years;

Comparative negligence

If your behavior is a contributing factor to the risk of causing your injuries, your compensation may be reduced. Under Texas law, you are not entitled to a full recovery even when you are negligent, so your award will drop based on your own fault.

The legal limit on non-financial losses

In cases of medical malpractice, there is a limit to how much you can recover for non-financial damages. Texas enforces a legal limit of $ 250,000- $ 750,000 depending on your specific circumstances.

Keep most of your personal injury settlement money

Did you know that most personal injury law firms charge contingency fees of between 33% and 50% on your settlement after winning your case? Suppose you win $ 100,000 for an injury claim, you actually get only $ 67,000 or worse only $ 50,000. Can you still recover comfortably during that time? Probably not!

At Reuben Ortiz’s Law Office, our personal injury lawyers are expected to benefit the most from an injured client’s claim.

To keep things fair and keep our clients happy, we collect only 25% of the contingency fee when the case is settled without litigation. The same $ 100,000 win mentioned earlier equals the full $ 75,000 for our client!

You can hire these on of the best 15 best injury lawyers:

Click on the name to contact directly them.

Aranda Law Firm

1. Aranda Law Firm

Founded in 2007, Aranda Law Firm is a private injury lawyers firm based in El Paso, Texas, serving clients in the area and in the neighboring state of New Mexico. This organization helps clients who have been injured due to negligence and/or negligence to recover financially for the resulting pain and loss. Organized cases include auto accidents, slipping, dog bites, other premises liability cases, and false death.

Brandon L. Lettunich, Attorney at Law

2. Brandon L. Letunich, lawyer

Brandon L. Letunich, Attorney at Law Personal injury and criminal defense lawyer in El Paso, Texas. This practice represents plaintiffs with personal injury lawyers claims for over a decade. It uses commercial truck wrecks, automobile collisions, oilfield explosions, and motorcycle accidents. Brandon L. Lettunich, a lawyer seeking compensation for victims injured by the negligence of others. The company provides additional services to clients with cases related to probate and family law.

Chavez Law Firm

3. Chavez law firm

Chavez has filed a lawsuit on behalf of victims of personal injuries in the El Paso, Texas, metro area. It seeks compensation for medical bills and property damage on behalf of its clients. The company represents victims of car collisions, catastrophic injuries, defective products, slip and falls, and false deaths. It provides additional legal services for premises safety and security claims of persons injured due to negligent property owners.

Davie & Valdez, P.C.

4. Davy & Waldez, P.C.

Davy & Waldez, P.C. Workplace Injury Lawyers Firm in El Paso, Texas. The company will litigate cases involving office accidents at construction sites, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, and oil fields. It often seeks to help clients with complex issues caught up in office injuries. These include ERISA insurance coverage, OSHA violations, and employment law. Lawyers are willing to defend their clients ’rights through settlement negotiations and at trial.

Forbes & Forbes Law

5. Forbes & Forbes Act

Forbes & Forbes Law is a personal injury lawyers firm that serves clients throughout the El Paso, Texas, and metro areas. It has been providing its services for over three decades. The company seeks compensation for people who have been harmed by the negligence of others. It puts cases in court for victims of motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. Forbes & Forbes law provides additional services in probate and estate planning.

Joe Lopez Law

6. Joe Lopez Law

Joe Lopez Law is an El Paso personal injury lawyers firm that assists victims of accidents and injuries in litigation and compensation claim operations in the area. The company was founded by Joe Lopez, a local Texan with more than 15 years of legal experience. He works on cases such as motor vehicle accidents, electric shocks, structural injuries, sexual harassment, and traumatic brain injury. Joe is bilingual and can help Spanish-speaking clients in the community.

Joseph Law, PLLC

7. Joseph Law, PLLC

Joseph Law, PLLC, is a law firm serving clients in the El Paso area. It provides legal assistance to those involved in personal injury-related matters, including truck, pedestrian, motorcycle accidents, and accidental death. It has also been experienced in drug possession, domestic violence, theft crimes, assault, and DWI. The company’s chief attorney, Joan Joseph, is a member of the Texas Bar Association and the Dallas Bar Association. He also studied international criminal law in The Hague, Netherlands.

Joseph R. Veith, Attorney at Law

8. Joseph R. Wheat, Advocate

In El Paso, Texas, attorney Joseph R. The Wheat office provides services throughout the area and represents clients on issues related to both criminal and civil law. In his civil law practice, the former El Paso Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Handles cases involving personal injury, including those resulting in serious physical injury or accidental death due to traffic accidents and human negligence involving wheels, cars, and semi-trucks. Mr. Weith’s other areas of study include family and immigration law.

Law Firm of Daniela Labinoti, PC

9. Law firm of Daniela Labinotti, PC

The Law Firm of Daniela Labinoti PC is a personal injury lawyers firm that has been representing clients throughout El Paso and across West Texas and Southern New Mexico since 2010. The attorney assists in recovering damages caused by motor vehicle accidents, slipping, and dog bites. Unsafe production hazards due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. There are other areas of practice such as employment law, sexual harassment, and employment discrimination. Super Lawyers rated Mrs. Labinotti as a Rising Star.

Rafael C. Morales, Attorney at Law

10. Raphael C. Morales, attorney

Raphael c. Morales, a lawyer, has been assisting injured victims in the Greater El Paso, Texas area since 2014. He represents individuals and families seeking financial compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and suffering and distress caused by motor vehicle accidents. , Dog bites, medical abuse, and other incidents caused by the negligence of another party. The lawyer also handles criminal defense cases. The El Paso Bar Association named Mr. Morales El Paso’s Lawyer of the Year.

Rudy Perez Law

11. Rudy Perez Law

Rudy Perez Law is a company that serves residents of El Paso and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience, its sole practitioner assists individuals in compensating for the pain and suffering they have received due to the negligent, negligent, or intentional actions of others. It is the experience of dealing with injuries and deaths caused by rollovers, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slipping. Rudy Perez also served as prosecutor and assistant city attorney before starting a law practice in 1991.

Ruhmann Law Firm

12. Ruhman Law Firm

With more than 15 years of legal experience, Ruhman Law Firm has been providing services to residents of El Paso and surrounding areas. It provides legal solutions for victims injured in 18-wheeler, large rig, and semi-truck accidents. It also handles cases involving injuries, animal attacks, and accidental deaths in the workplace. Principal Attorney Charles Julius Ruhman IV is a member of the American Association for Justice, the Texas Trial Injury Lawyers Association, and the Texas Young Injury  Lawyers Association. He can also serve clients in Spanish.

Setra Law

13. Setra law

Setra Law is a multi-practice law firm serving the El Paso Metro and surrounding areas. It helps clients move forward in life by providing legal advice and assistance in personal injury cases such as dog bites, machine injuries, bulldozer accidents, chemical exposure, and on-premises liability claims. It works to get proper financial compensation for its clients. The company understands that each case is different and conducts legal actions with ease gained from experience in other practice areas.

The Enriquez Law Firm PLLC

14. Enriquez Law Firm PLLC

Based on El Paso, Enriquez Law Firm PLLC has been assisting in the administration of justice to personal injury victims since 1992. It is a local practice that helps in matters related to car accidents, dog bites, slipping, and electric shocks. It also expands its services to El Paso and Los Cruz workers with occupational injuries. Enriquez Law Firm uses a community-centric approach and establishes a relationship with the working class in its service areas. Personal injury lawyers Humberto Enriquez has been in practice since 1992.

The Huerta Law Firm

15. The Hurta Law Firm

Huerta Law Firm has been providing legal services to clients in and around El Paso since 2005. It refers to individuals in cases of personal injury, including car and truck accidents, dog bites, slips, and fatal deaths. In addition, it assists in family law matters such as adoption, child protection, divorce, custody, and revocation of parental rights. It also handles criminal defense cases. Huerta Law Firm focuses on client service by providing case evaluation and initial consultation.


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